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SuperFlex Fitness – Resistance Bands for Functional Training and Resistance Training

SuperFlex Fitness is a leader in resistance band designs, offering resistance training information for golf fitness, sports specific training, rehabilitation and functional training. Perfect for incorporating into Crossfit workouts, soccer drills, core exercises and for all skill levels! Leading fitness resource for functional training, resistance band exercises, and resistance training.

 SuperFlex Resistance Bands

Improve your overall health with our resistance bands, functional training bands and movement bands into your fitness routine. Our bands come in 3 different designs and are affordable, lightweight, and portable. Each design is available in varying sizes and tensions.  SuperFlex Bands will help burn body fat, increase lean muscle, improve posture, gain strength, and increase mobility. The resistance bands allow for low impact resistance training which are more joint friendly than free weights.  Our bands are used by all age groups for fitness and sports training.

SuperFlex bands are of the highest quality and are different from various other tubing band products because they are a continual layered loop. Our 3 band designs are layered (not molded) and each band comes in two distinctive colors.

SuperFlex Bands for Functional Training

SuperFlex’s Functional Training Bands (FT Bands), Resistance, and Movement bands are the most versatile fitness bands on the market.  The bands can be used for exercises that target daily lifestyle activities which is known as functional training.  The bands can also be used for sports specific training as well as physical rehabilitation. Warming-up, strengthening and  stretching exercises with bands have been shown to improve the body’s overall physical performance. The result is improved movement, flexibility, range of motion, balance, strength and motor pattern memory.

SuperFlex Resistance Training

SuperFlex patented resistance training wall and floor stations are the most advanced resistance band training system available. The stations allow you to quickly attach bands at different heights and attachment points. Multiple bands can be used at the same time to create a full arsenal of resistance training exercises.  Our resistance training stations can be used installed into homes, sport performance facilities, physical therapy clinics, fitness centers and basically anywhere you wish to use them.