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SuperFlex Wall Training Station

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The SuperFlex Wall station is the most advanced resistance band training station ever designed. Because of it’s ability to take heavy loads of pull, this system allows for an infinite number of exercises to be performed off the space saving wall.

The Wall station has been designed for sports performance centers, in-home training, in-clinic rehabilitation and fitness facilities. The lightweight frame is heavy duty and is welded aluminum of the highest quality in craftsmanship.

If you’re an athlete, fitness enthusiast or a parent of a young athlete who is looking for a safe and effective way to physically train at home then this system is for you. It’s all joint-friendly training station with targeted strengthening, stretching, and speed development exercises make it the ultimate resistance band training system. Attach any of the movement bands to the wall station to create a medley of speed, agility and quickness drills.

If you don’t have the space to perform movement drills, then mount the SuperFlex floor station in front of the wall station to perform a variety of lower body strengthening and explosion drills. See SuperFlex Floor station.

1. Wall mounted and designed for concrete, wood and metal studs.
2. Multiple cross rail attachment points.
3. For use with core, upper body & lower body strengthening and stretching exercises.
4. Multiple band attachments.
5. Top cross rail for heavy traction stretching.
6. Bottom cross rail for attaching movement band training.

4’’ x 72’’ aluminum mounting plate.
Powder-coated including Hardware.

Installation is to be performed by a professional to assure the wall unit has been installed properly per the directions listed in the Wall Station Installation manual. “Professional” refers to a person trained and experienced in the installation of equipment of this type.

Can install into:
- Any framed 2 by 4 wooden or metal stud
- Any Residential or Commercial Setting
- Can also mount onto concrete slabs and/or concrete blocks.

For questions regarding proper installation, please contact us.

SuperFlex, LLC. Warrants the professionally installed SuperFlex Wall Station and wall mounting components to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal usage conditions for 90 days of the date of purchase if professionally installed. This component is identified as the unit 4” x 72” aluminum device. The product comes with a Lifetime limited warranty.